We're a small collection of Episcopalians that meet weekly at 9:00 A.M. for the Holy Eucharist and for visiting before and after the service. We visitĀ over coffee, rolls, cakes or cookies in the parish hall following the service and invite everyone, but particularly visitors and newcomers, to join us.

Our average Sunday attendance for the year so far is about 61, including from 12 to 20 children in Sunday School. Our Sunday School head and her assistants have made it such a popular place that the children don't want to miss it.

We make visitors welcome, regardless of their background, schooling, job, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, age or anything else. We are a diverse group of people with every age group represented, even those from 20 to 25 years of age. Our oldest member is going onĀ 90 years of age.

We print up a complete copy of each Sunday service so visitors and newcomers need not be concerned about following the service. The only thing not printed in the weekly service bulletin is the sermon.

Our building is fully handicap accessible, the church portion of our building being on the ground and the parish hall having a wheelchair ramp.

We are proud of our church and have received many compliments about how pretty it is. Our interior--the nave/sanctuary--has beautiful wooden beams with a cathedral style ceiling. Behind the altar is a beautiful wooden wall.

We love to have visitors and that includes the simply curious as well as folks looking for a church. Our philosophy is that people need to find a church where they are comfortable with the other members and with the form of the service. In any event, we'll make you welcome.

Yours in Christ,

John Blakslee,
Priest in Charge

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