The rental fee for the hall is $200; this covers from 9:00 A.M. until midnight. A deposit of $100 is required. The deposit will be returned if the hall is clean and undamaged.

Beer, wine and liquor are permitted, but must be supplied by the person or group renting the facility. It is necessary that a Hobart police officer be hired as a security guard if alcohol is to be served. The number of the Hobart Police Department is 942-1125. The renter is responsible for any damage or breakage. Any alcoholic beverages must stay in the building.

The dimensions of the hall are: 20' wide and 43' long. Ten seven foot long tables are already set up and three others are in the hall. Two tables are already set up for food.

There are 60 chairs already set up and 20 more are availalbe.  The hall seats up to 75 comfortably.

Please call 219/942-0697 to schedule the hall.

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